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Emperor Titus

Titus, full name Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus, which was the same as his fatherís, was born December 30th, 39, in Rome, he was the elder son of Emperor Vespasian. Titus served as a military tribune in Germany and Britain and later fought under his fatherís command during the Jewish rebellion in Palestine. After his father became emperor in 69, Titus was left in command of the Roman army in Palestine, and he brought the war to a close with the capture of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple in 70. To commemorate this victory in the Jewish war, his brother, Domitian, later built the Arch of Titus. On the death of his father in 79, Titus became emperor until the year 81, and by his generous gifts and lavish entertainments he soon made himself popular with the Roman people. He established a lenient government, discontinuing all prosecutions for laesa majestas, or treason by disrespect, and decreeing heavy punishments against informers. During his short reign Titus completed and dedicated the Flavian amphitheater, later called the Colosseum. The eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius occurred during his reign in 79, and the following year Rome was afflicted by a great fire and a plague. The people adored him, for everything, he did for them, but he did not meet a peaceful death, however. He died just two years after taking power, poisoned by his ambitious younger brother Domitian, who succeeded him as emperor. His beneficence to the sufferers of these disasters made Titus the idol of the populace. He died on September 13th, 81.